Student Small Groups


Student Small Groups


"The Collective" is a place for high school students to come experience community with their peers.  Students will have a place to hang out with their friends, be involved in an interactive message, and participate in an in-depth bible study within their Family Groups. We believe that "The Collective" will help high school students grow together towards Christ to help them become men and women on fire for God.

Saturday Night: 9th-12th Grade meet in room 210 @ 5:30pm

Here at The Social, we want to create an environment for middle school students to grow in their relationship with God and others. We believe that we are all better together than apart, and this class will give them the opportunity to grow together. We will dive deep into biblical truth and teach the students what it means to walk through life building on a firm foundation of faith.


Saturday Night: 6th-8th Grade meet in room 218 @ 5:30pm